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I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell!!

2009-09-06 12:00:27 by UnknownFear

I am on the last story in the book and let me tell you, I have not laughed so hard reading a book than I ever have reading about Max Tucker's hilarious drinking stories. This book is truly a passage all men should read if they ever want to be just that: A man. I read this book, cause DannyIsOnFire said it was a pretty good book, his favorite. And I can see why. I started reading this book cause it sounded funny, but now, I feel that Max Tucker is truly an inspiration to all men. He is one fucking awesome guy!!! :P If you have no read this book, fucking GET TO IT!!!


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2009-09-24 18:38:35

Wait, in heaven there is no beer, so it must all be in hell. :)

UnknownFear responds:

Damn right!! xD


2009-09-26 15:21:56

Haha, I need to read it again, it's actually been a few years, let me go find it really fast.

UnknownFear responds:

Ahaha, awesome!!! xD