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Entry #1

Hello New Newgrounds!!

2007-07-17 18:08:15 by UnknownFear

With the new Newgrounds redesign now up and running, I must say, I am quite pleased with the ending result! Thank you Tom, Wade, Lilijim, and also Stamper for making the redesign. The layout is outstanding! To be quite honest, when I first clicked on Newgrounds to see another construction page, I was actually teary-eyed to see the new Newgrounds.

I love the face that users can make front-page posts aswell ;) Also, the level icons and Auras are very well made. Viewing flashes are also pretty neat and automatic deposition is sick!

Again, just want to show my appreciation to Tom and everyone who helped made the redesign.



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2007-07-20 09:02:23

Horay :)

UnknownFear responds:

aha.. im loving the new icons and the layout!


2007-07-24 10:41:26

The new home page is wicked

UnknownFear responds:

Ya man! i love it!


2007-07-26 10:31:38

I see you enjoy agnry faic eh?

UnknownFear responds:

Yep yep :)